Queen Bees & Wannabes

I came across this book via ImaginationSoup today and I am quite intrigued to read it.

I know what girls can be like (It helps that I was one!) and to have a little girl of my own now, I feel as if I’m always on the lookout for potential signs of bullying.  In addition to that, I find I am always watching my daughters behaviour to see if she has a mean streak in her.

So easily can a situation between girls turn nasty simply because of a difference of opinion, likes/dislikes and what they wear.  Very quickly do our little angels become monsters before our eyes.

To date, my daughter is considered to be kind, polite and friendly. I just hope that with my love and friendship to her, she can continue to be the lovely child that she is.  Maybe the advice from this book would be useful too!

Would love to hear your thoughts or advice?

Where do you think you are going Mr T-Rex?


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Dinosaur Lidded Novelty Jars

Don’t these look amazing?

I saw them and instantly thought it could be an easy craft project to do……

……now where are all those toy dinosaurs I’ve been stepping on over the past few months?

It’s time for a make-over Mr Stegosaurus!!